The Eye-In-The-Sky Can Cut Crime At Your Business

August 25th, 2019

You might not even realize it, but you’ve likely encountered a dome security camera before. Many businesses in Lehi, UT use these small, dome shaped cameras to keep an eye on their investments. They are often attached to the ceiling or high on the walls inside banks, retail stores, or office buildings. The dome of the camera is tinted and can appear to have a mirror-like finish. If you’re looking to increase your business security, there are several reasons why dome cameras are a wise option. 

They Deter Bad Behavior 

The presence of a security camera in any business can deter bad behavior. Dome camera have a special quality as their presence can be inconspicuous enough to blend in, yet obvious enough to be noticed. The tinted dome covers the camera inside, so it can be tough for anyone to know which direction the camera is pointed. No one knows if the camera is covering the immediate area, or panning out to cover a wider location. This type of ambiguity can prevent criminal activity from occurring. 

They Catch Theft In Progress 

Some businesses try to save money by installing a dummy camera to prevent theft. This can backfire, however, as some criminals are wise to the concept. Though dome cameras are effective at deterring crime, they can’t deter every single criminal. Installing a real dome security camera protects your business in the event that a crime occurs. The video footage you record can be reviewed and used as evidence to capture and prosecute the suspect. 

They Come In A Range Of Options 

Dome security cameras are effective at protecting any business in Lehi, UT. Basic models are relatively inexpensive, but additional features can be added for a reasonable price. Some of these features include: 

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) – Dome cameras with this option allow you to zoom in on specific details. It also provides a wide viewing range which can eliminate the need for multiple cameras in a given area.
  • Weather proofing. If you plan to install your security cameras outside, consider a weatherproof model that can withstand rain, wind, heat, and other environmental elements that could compromise your footage.
  • Night vision. If you need video surveillance around the clock, opt for an infrared dome camera. This offers night vision that can record clear images in darkness or low-light situations. The IR irradiation distance can vary by camera, so be sure to speak to your security company for the right specifications.

Dome security cameras are built for protection. The heavy dome makes the camera vandal proof, which allows you to place them wherever you need them. High on the ceiling or low on the wall, you know that the camera you’ve invested in is safely protecting your business investments. 

If you’re in the market for a dome camera to protect your Lehi, UT business, contact us at Sound Protection LLC. We’ll go over the options that will best meet your needs and budget. We look forward to assisting you.