4 Ways To Avoid False Home Security Alarms

April 12th, 2019

One reason people often avoid installing a home security system in Lehi, UT is because they worry about false alarms.  False alarms can be a hassle to deal with as your security company either calls you to confirm the alarm or calls the police directly, and neither homeowners nor the police are happy when they respond because you forgot to disarm the system.  In fact, most precincts will fine you if this happens. However, there are things you can do to minimize the number of false alarms.

Keep Things In Good Repair

Frayed wires, bad connections, and other worn-out parts can either send out false alarms at random or else cause the system to fail completely.  That’s why it’s good to have regular inspections of your security system by trained professionals, people who can spot issues as soon as they happen and fix them before they become serious problems.  You should also keep your Lehi, UT security company aware of any remodeling work you do because it can damage the system’s electronics or block a sensor’s view.

Train Everyone Who Needs To Know The System

If your kids never learn how to arm and disarm your security system, they won’t be able to do so when they grow old enough to stay at home or go out unsupervised.  If you rent out your property then your renters should understand what the system does and how they need to operate it.  It can also be a good idea to explain how your home security works to cleaning and repair companies that arrive while you’re at work and frequent houseguests.  They should also know who to call and what the passcode is to cancel an alarm.

Understand How Your Sensors Work

Cameras and sensors are always watching for certain triggers, but sometimes they spot a false positive and activate the alarm.  You can avoid this by learning what these sensors look for and taking care of things that could cause false positives.  For instance, you can avoid setting off a smoke alarm by being careful when you cook food and by ventilating your kitchen if you burn something or set the oven to self-clean.  You can also avoid motion detector false positives by taking down ceiling decorations, balloons, and other things that could fall down in the night.

Keep Track Of Everyone

Be sure that your house is completely empty before you arm your security system as you leave.  If you own any pets, make sure your security company knows about them and has accounted for them.  You should also let them know when someone has moved in or moved out.  Teaching your kids about the security system also lets them disable it if you happen to forget they’re still at home when you go out.

Nobody in Lehi, UT likes a false alarm, but having a system that works too well is better than one that doesn’t work at all.  Fortunately, you can avoid false alarms by understanding the system and explaining it to everyone who should know about it.  Do that and you’ll keep false alarms to a minimum.