Safety Systems Are Essential When Living Alone

October 24th, 2019

When you live with other people, whether they’re spouses, children, parents, or roommates, they can help you with both safety and security.  Someone will be there to hear you cry out in pain and get help, or they can be at your Lehi, UT home while you’re away and make sure your home looks too busy to be a good target for burglary.  This means that living alone comes with a few extra safety risks even if you’re still young and healthy.  That’s why it’s in your best interest to invest in extra security technology.


Improve Your Security Setup


When you live alone in Lehi, UT, it can be hard to keep track of the rest of your home.  You may not even notice when people come to your door depending on how far away it is from the living room or bedroom where you spend most of your time.  High-tech security features can keep you more secure and more aware of what’s going on.


  • A home security system will monitor your doors and windows for as long as it’s armed, and you should arm it whenever you go out and when you go to bed.
  • Surveillance cameras on the perimeter of your home can deter burglars, spot suspicious behavior, and let you see who’s at the door without having to cross your home to take a look.
  • An electronic lock can secure your door better than a deadbolt, and you can use a secure smartphone app to lock and unlock it remotely.
  • A personal emergency response system lets you send an emergency signal to the local authorities if you collapse at home from an accident or a heart attack, and it can also work as a panic button in case of a home invader targets you.


Stay In Touch With Others


If you don’t live with others, it can take days or even weeks for someone to realize that something’s happened to you.  That’s why many people who live alone stay in close contact with at least one other person.  By checking in with this person at least once per day no matter what, you can be sure that someone will notice when you go silent and check up on you soon afterward.


Don’t Advertise Your Living Situation


Living alone in Lehi, UT makes you an easy target for burglars who wait for everyone to be out of the house before striking.  You shouldn’t make it easier for them by telling people on social media that you live alone, and you should consider tactics like timed lights when you spend your evening out on the town or at a friend’s house.  If you need to hire a contractor or inspector and you aren’t sure about them, you should consider inviting a friend to keep you company and have your back.


Living alone means living independently, but it also means living with a few extra safety risks.  Fortunately, you can install a few features and follow some basic tips to protect yourself.  For more details and advice, contact Sound Protection LLC today.