Security Tips For Multifamily Dwellings

October 10th, 2019

Many people, including those right here in Lehi, choose to live in apartment complexes, senior living facilities, condos, military housing, or other types of multifamily dwellings. These places promote a sense of community via barbecues, get-togethers, and more. They help occupants feel as if they belong to something bigger. Not to mention, the developments are often located near cities, which means the residents are close to stores, workplaces, and schools.

With so many Lehi persons located in the same vicinity, managers have their hands full when it comes to security. They must find ways to protect the tenants, their guests, and staff members from various threats. For instance, these people should not have to experience burglaries, come in contact with sexual predators, or become assaulted by violent criminals. Nipping these problems in the bud is easier said than done though.


To start with, owners/managers should perform background checks on potential residents and employees. This venture will assist in weeding out the bad candidates from the good. It can also be beneficial to have all workers wear uniforms and name tags. In turn, inhabitants will know whether the person at their door to change a light bulb is credible or a fraud.


Utilize Surveillance Cameras To Monitor Common Areas And More

Lots of places have common areas such as playgrounds, swimming pools, exercise facilities, lobbies, and even where the dumpsters are stored. It is important to have cameras mounted and monitors watching these locations. Then, if a mugging, assault, or something else takes place, the security team can spring into action to stop the incident promptly.

Should the issue be more than guards can handle, the live feeds allow them to contact the police to get the matter resolved quickly too. The devices give Lehi residents peace of mind in knowing that the community is looking out for them. In turn, they don't have to live in fear every time they leave their unit.


Install Bright Lighting In Common Areas As Well

Dimly lit sites can instill fear in people. After all, shadows and dark corners provide excellent hiding spots for criminals. The last thing an occupant wants is to be walking through the parking lot, taking the stairs, or strolling down a path only to be grabbed from behind. Thus, it is imperative that multifamily dwellings have high-quality lighting throughout. Not only will the fixtures keep tenants safe, but with the security upgrades, owners can possibly charge a little more for rent. They do their part to keep folks out of harm's way and earn additional revenue as well.


Consider Investing In Access Control

Access control is a security technique that manages who can enter a particular building, gate, or room. Many times, occupants have to enter a number sequence or swipe a key card to gain entrance. Some systems even require somebody on the inside to press a button before a person can enter. These options are useful for preventing just anyone off the street from entering the property. As such, the environment is safer for all of the residents to enjoy.

Does your multifamily dwelling need a top of the line security system? If you answered yes, feel free to give Sound Protection LLC a call today to discover your options.