Six Future Technologists We Will See In Home Security In The Next Decade

May 31st, 2019

In recent years we’ve seen several advancements in home security. From high definition surveillance cameras to remote monitoring to smart home automation, there are new home security technologies being introduced every day. As technology advances, we can expect even more new technologies to be utilized in the home security space. Here are six trends that we expect to see become the standard for home across Lehi in the near future. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Control Everything

We are just starting to understand the potential capabilities of AI in home security. However, if it continues progressing the way it has to date, it’s likely AI will control everything. AI integration will use algorithms to automate things like door locks, lights, and alarms based on our lifestyle patterns. 

Enhanced Voice Control Options Will Be Introduced

Currently some devices offer voice control, but the technology can be hit or miss. However, developers are working to improve voice control technologies in every area. Once enough advancements are made, our home security systems will be controlled with simple commands like “arm house,” “lock doors,” or “notify police.”

Technology Moves Outdoors

All the great advancements in technology won’t just be available for inside the home, but will be implemented outside the home. Gates will lock automatically, fences will use sensors to notify you of intrusion, and cameras will turn on automatically when a threat is present.

Drone Technology Will Be Implemented

Drones are excellent for security and are already being used by the United States military and larger corporations. Drones can easily survey an entire area. They can launch automatically when a threat is detected, use solar power to charge the battery, and return automatically to a docking station when needed.

Biometric Scanners Will Become Standard

The government and high-security companies have used biometric technology for years. However, this technology was always very expensive. With recent advances, this technology is not only becoming more affordable but refining enough that they are easy for the amateur tech enthusiast to use. Biometric scanners will be used to allow or deny entry and identify visitors coming to your home.

Increased Surveillance In Neighborhoods

As these technologies become more affordable, more communities across Lehi will implement them in neighborhoods. Entire neighborhoods will have security systems to protect all the homes in the community. These systems will also use other technologies like facial recognition, drones, and smart surveillance cameras to detect and identify threats to residents. 

Though many of these technologies seem ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel they are only a few years away. They will provide a level of security for Lehi homeowners never seen before. These technologies will also be surprisingly affordable and easy to control, making them a great option for everyone. 

There are a lot of great home security technologies on the market already and implementing them in your home is easier than ever. Talk to your Lehi security professional to learn what is available in your area and price range and enjoy the security of advanced technology today.