Why Every Home Across The Nation Needs A Doorbell Camera

November 15th, 2019

There are plenty of ways to make a home safer and more secure today. For instance, Lehi residents can have an alarm, motion-activated lights, and sensors installed on all of their doors and windows. However, perhaps one of the best security inventions to date is the doorbell camera. As such, more and more homeowners are turning to them, including those right here in Lehi, for additional protection.

With the world in the state that it is in today, who can really blame them? There always appear to be stories about burglaries, package thefts, and home invasions with violent acts. In turn, turning on a local news station is enough to leave anyone full of anxiety and afraid. That is no way for a Lehi person to have to live his or her life, though. Hence, they must think outside of the box when it comes to home security.

A doorbell camera could prove to be the finishing touch that their system needs to provide them with peace of mind. It can assist the head of the household in keeping his or her loved ones safe and sound. Thus, curious persons should stay put and read on to discover some of the benefits associated with these devices.  

Catch Porch Pirates In The Act

It is not uncommon for people to place orders and have their packages delivered today only for them to be missing when they return home from work, school, or the store. According to an article published on the UPS website, many individuals associate porch pirates with the holiday season. While it is true that the thieves are out and about during this time of year, the fact of the matter is that they strike at any time and anywhere.              

Doorbell cameras feature apps that allow owners to receive notifications and view live footage right from their smartphones. Additionally, the units are equipped with speakers that let them talk to strangers who come to the door. With such attributes, the homeowner can likely scare the trespasser away and ensure that their packages remain where they are supposed to be.                                

Lower Your Homeowners' Insurance With This Security Equipment

Many insurance providers have discount programs available to clients who upgrade security measures at their residence. The amount of savings varies from one organization to the next. For example, some places offer 10-percent discounts, while others extend 15 to 20-percent. Not every insurer has the programs, though. So, be sure to discuss the matter with yours if saving money is one of your primary reasons for installing a doorbell cam.

Obtain Evidence For The Police With A Doorbell Camera

There are all sorts of inappropriate acts that doorbell cameras can capture in a crisp, clear fashion. For instance, with their motion-activated capabilities, the devices can obtain footage of burglars, porch pirates, vandals, and perhaps, even hit and run accidents out on the street. Heck, the units can be useful for helping mom and dad see if their son or daughter is attempting to sneak in his or her current love interest.  

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